Home Brewing Supplies – How to Begin Setting Up Your Home Brewery

Brewing your own beer from home is a hobby that grows fast all over the world, and the industry of home brewing supplies is no different.

There are several reasons why you would want to make your own beer: as a hobby, as a way of trying different flavors that you can’t find with the big brands, or even as a way to save money by trying to reproduce some expensive craft beers.

Whatever your reason, brewing beer on your own is not as easy as baking a cake and there’s a lot more equipment involved. You will need at least: a stainless steel brew pot, a fermenter, a spiral immersion chiller, thermometer, hydrometer, airlock, bottles, caps, bottler capper, bottle filler, tubing, sanitation solution. Not to mention the ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and optional flavoring ingredients.

If you try to buy it all separately for the first time, you may easily get overwhelmed by the variety of both equipments and models available. And your chances of success with your first batches are greatly diminished.

The best way for aspiring home brewers to get started is by using a Home Brewing Kit, also known as Starter Kit. These kits come with all the gear you’ll need to make your first batch of beer plus the ingredients, usually in the form of malt extract, yeast and fresh hops.

Basic home brew kits come with a plastic fermenter and a plastic bottling bucket with a spigot (both usually 6 gallons), thermometer, hydrometer, large stirring spoon, airlock, siphon, sanitizer solution, bottles, caps, bottle capper, ingredients (beer kit with malt extract, brewing sugar, brewing yeast and carbonation drops) and a step-by-step instruction DVD or book.The brew pot usually is sold separately.

There are different home brewing kits, ranging in price from under $100 to over $400. The difference here is both in the size of the buckets – which allows for more or less beer in each batch — and in the quality of the equipment. Some kits will include kegs, for those who don’t want to bother with bottles, although bottling will help in beer maturing and is preferred by those who brew ales. If you are brewing lagers for the hot summer days, then kegging might be an option. Remember, though, that lager is considered more difficult to brew than ale, especially because it requires colder fermenting temperatures. So if you are an absolute beginner, you might want to go with ales.

The great thing about these kits is they can be used over and over again — you only have to refill the ingredients as they are consumed. As you gain experience, you may want to replace some of the equipment in your starter kit with more advanced items, or bigger ones if you want to increase production. By this time, you will have a much better knowledge of what and where to buy.

Eventually, you will replace the starter kit your own custom one, with all your favorite home brewing supplies, the perfect setup to suit your brewing needs and preferences.

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Home Brewing Kit – Perfect For Beginners

If you are new at home brewing, then you may find the task of purchasing your first home brewing kit very daunting. With so many products available today, you get confused about which home brewing equipment to choose. The first thing to do is to know what your needs are. Depending on that, you can start looking around for the ideal home brewing kit.

For a beginner home brewer, however, the best option is to get a home brewing kit. The best thing about such kits is that you will get everything you’ll need to brew your first beer, all in one package. You won’t have to worry about what equipments and ingredients to purchase for the making of beer. Since most beginners are not familiar with the ingredients or equipments needed to brew beer, it’s not sensible to go shopping for them unless you are with an experienced brewer.

As with all things, it is always advisable to first do a thorough research on the various beer brewing kits available before you make a final decision. You could also take the advice of people who are beer brewing aficionados.

If you are looking for a home brewing kit, then I recommend you buy Coopers Brewery Micro-Brew Beer Kit. This is the perfect kit for beginners as well as expert brewers. This kit comes with all the equipments and ingredients you will need to brew high quality and tasty beer. It comes with an easy to follow instruction booklet and DVD that will teach you all you need to know about the making of beer.

Over the years I have tried many home brewing kits but nothing beats Coopers Brewery Micro-Brew Beer Kit. Right from the fermenter to the bottles, this kit has only the best quality equipments and ingredients for the best price. The Coopers Brewery Micro-Brew Beer Kit makes wonderful gifts for fathers, husbands or any home brewing fan.

With the Coopers brewery micro-brew beer kit, you not only have fun brewing your own beer and sharing it with friends and family, you also get to save a lot of money as each beer you brew costs less than the ones available in stores or pubs.

Keep in mind that not everyone gets the taste of beer right at the very first time. Do not give up if you fail to get the right taste in your first few tries. Learning how to brew beer perfectly takes a little bit of time and loads of patience. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon become a master brewer and make excellent beer.

And now I would like to invite you to my blog and find out a load more information about how to make beer at home and how to make homemade wine plus whatever else I find interesting.

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